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Atlantian Order of the Pelican

Mistress Anne of Carthew

Anne of Carthew Order of the Pelican

May 1, 2004 (AS 39)
By Cuán V and Pádraigín II
King and Queen of Atlantia
Azure, a goblet Or on a chief embattled Argent three roses Gules

Azure, a goblet Or on a chief embattled Argent three roses Gules

Name registered with the College of Arms in September 1992
Device registered with the College of Arms in January 1994

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
8/12/1998 Atlantia Mistress of the Laurel
5/1/2004 Atlantia Mistress of the Pelican
3/25/1995 Atlantia Companion of the Pearl
2/22/1997 Atlantia Companion of the Golden Dolphin
5/1/1993 Atlantia Award of Arms
9/15/2007 Atlantia Court Baroness
9/11/1999 Atlantia Award of the Undine
5/26/2001 Atlantia King's Award of Excellence
3/3/2007 Atlantia Award of the Silver Nautilus
8/8/2007 Atlantia Augmentation of Arms
4/14/2012 Atlantia King's Award of Excellence
2/25/1995 Atlantia Ponte Alto Companion of the Garland

There are 12 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia

Personal Website:

Other Information:
A&S: Director of Alle Psallite (Choral group), Occasional Director of Harp & Drum (Instrumental group), former director of the Known World Choir at Pennsic.
Currently learning woodcarving and trying to learn/improve playing the tenor viol.
Service: VA Regional Exchequer, NMS Deputy
Martial: Authorized as a Siege Engineer and Combat Archer

Household: Ravenstreet
My students are:
Lady Celia of Rosedale, Lady Ysabel Farquhar, Lady Brigantia ni Realda, Lady Áine Sindradóttir, and Lady Cassandra Arabella Giordani

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Pelican scroll for viewing.

Contact Information:
Mistress Anne of Carthew

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