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Atlantian Order of the Pelican

Mistress Belphoebe de Givet

(Registered Name: Bell Phoebe de Givet)

Belphoebe de Givet Order of the Pelican

September 9, 2017 (AS 52)
By Cuán VII and Signy I
King and Queen of Atlantia
Or, two rapiers in saltire sable overall a rose proper, a chief sable

Or, two rapiers in saltire sable overall a rose proper, a chief sable

Name (Bell Phoebe de Givet) registered with the College of Arms in January 2003
Device registered with the College of Arms in February 2002

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
3/1/2008 Atlantia Mistress of the Laurel
9/9/2017 Atlantia Mistress of the Pelican
2/21/2004 Atlantia Grant of Arms
3/6/2004 Atlantia Companion of the Pearl
5/5/2007 Atlantia Companion of the Yew Bow
11/21/2009 Atlantia Companion of the White Scarf
2/5/2011 Atlantia Companion of the Golden Dolphin
6/22/2013 Atlantia Companion of the Sea Stag
5/26/2001 Atlantia Award of Arms
9/18/2004 Atlantia Companion of the King's Missiliers
4/2/2005 Atlantia Companion of the Sea Dragon
2/23/2008 Atlantia Court Baroness
2/21/2004 Atlantia Ponte Alto Territorial Baroness, Retired - RETIRED 2/23/2008
9/13/2008 Atlantia King's Award of Excellence
8/12/2010 Atlantia Augmentation of Arms
1/9/2021 Atlantia Augmentation of Arms
2/23/2002 Atlantia Ponte Alto Companion of the Garland
11/9/2002 Atlantia Dun Carraig Mark of Excellence
2/23/2008 Atlantia Ponte Alto Onore del Ponte d'Oro
10/19/2013 Atlantia Ponte Alto Onore del Ponte Nero
7/17/2021 Atlantia Ponte Alto Ponte Alto Black Plague Honor

There are 21 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia

Personal Website:

Other Information:
Bio: Belphoebe de Givet is a 16th Century lady from Rouen, France. The daughter of a magistrate, she has been to Court and every once in a while conducts discreet inquiries and errands for her employer, Queen Catherine de Médici.


The Arts: My main area of research is life in 16th Century France, particularly during the Wars of Religion. I am obsessed by fashion and, although French fashion is my main specialty, I like to dabble in other places and cultures. Embroidery, glovemaking and lucet braiding are some of my other favorite passtimes, and I am really hoping to learn how to make lace. (In my copious spare time.)

Performing Arts: Besides fashion, I love to sing, usually with our Baronial choral group, "Alle Psallite." I also perform on my own.

Martial: I am a rapier fighter, siege engineer, combat archer and spearman. One of my goals is to authorize in other forms of heavy fighting.

Service: Landed Baroness (Retired); Baronial Deputy Rapier Marshal; siege marshal and guildmistress of the Atlantian Society for Siege Weapons and Heavy Infantry Projectiles; former Baronial Deputy Seneschal; have taught various University classes, and autocrated and/or co-autocrated baronial events.

Apprentices: Lord Geoffrey ap Clwyd

Household: I am a member of House Fallen From Grace, which is a household loosely modeled after a late period trading company. "Meeting all of your pre-emptive maritime salvage needs since 1569."

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Pelican scroll for viewing.

Portrait courtesy of Belphoebe de Givet

Alternate Names: Belphoebe de Givet

Contact Information:
Mistress Belphoebe de Givet (Laura Martinez)
belfebe AT

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