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Atlantian Order of the Pelican

Master Godric of Hamtum

No Picture Available Order of the Pelican

July 14, 2012 (AS 47)
No Device Image Available

Vert, a pall between three pheons Or.

Name registered with the College of Arms in August 1998
Device registered with the College of Arms in July 2020

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
7/14/2012 East Master of the Pelican
7/17/2004 East Award of Arms
7/15/2006 East Order of the Silver Crescent
7/14/2007 East Order of the Sagittarius
10/1/2011 East King's Cypher
6/4/2016 East Sovereign's Champion of Archery
6/4/2016 East Ludicrous Bowman
10/12/2014 East Endewearde Portcullis of Endeweard
2/18/2017 East Endewearde Keystone of Endeweard
5/15/2021 Atlantia Marinus Baronessa of Marinus Special Favor

There are 10 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Barony of Endewearde, East

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Pelican scroll for viewing.

Contact Information:
Master Godric of Hamtum

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