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Atlantian Order of the Pelican

Master Simon Aaron of Windemere

(Registered Name: Simon Aaron of Windermere)

No Picture Available Order of the Pelican

September 4, 2011 (AS 46)
No Device Image Available

Sable, a thistle, on a chief argent three thistles gules.

Name (Simon Aaron of Windermere) registered with the College of Arms in July 1997
Device registered with the College of Arms in July 1998

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
9/4/2011 Atenveldt Master of the Pelican
2/27/2016 Atenveldt Master of Defense
8/22/1998 Atenveldt Grant of Arms
8/22/1998 Atenveldt Order of the Defenders of the White Scarf
11/14/2009 Atenveldt Beacon of the Desert
3/8/1997 Atenveldt Award of Arms
11/2/2019 Atenveldt Order of the Golden Blade
5/7/2011 Atenveldt Queen's Cypher
6/11/2011 Atenveldt Order of the Queen's Grace
10/22/2011 Atenveldt Queen's Cypher
11/2/2013 Atenveldt Queen's Cypher
11/2/2013 Atenveldt Queen's Cypher
11/7/2015 Atenveldt King's Sigil of Atenveldt
11/7/2015 Atenveldt Queen's Cypher
3/25/2017 Atenveldt Order of the Thegns and Bannthegns
11/4/2017 Atenveldt Queen's Cypher
7/19/1997 Atenveldt Sun Order of the Eye of the Eagle
6/24/1996 Atenveldt Vert Glove
6/13/1998 Atenveldt Azure Chalice
11/1/1998 Atenveldt Companion of the Purple Clarion
6/26/1999 Atenveldt Vert Glove - Commander
9/12/2009 Atenveldt Companion of the Palm of Atenveldt
10/31/2009 Atenveldt Sun Dragon Baroness' Cavaliers
2/19/2011 Atenveldt Sun Dragon Dragon's Fury
10/21/2011 Atenveldt Sun Dragon Honor of SunDragon
12/15/2012 Atenveldt Sun Dragon Dragon's Heart
8/17/2013 Atenveldt Ered Sûl Gilded Heart of Ered Sul - 1st Degree
3/29/2014 Atenveldt Sun Dragon Rainbow's Gold
10/15/2016 Atenveldt Tir Ysgithr Boar - Argent
5/20/2017 Atenveldt Granite Mountain Grace of Granite Mountain
10/26/2019 Atenveldt Sun Dragon Dragon's Fury - Commander
10/14/2022 Atlantia Nottinghill Coill Courtesy of Nottinghill Coill
2/11/2023 Atlantia Nottinghill Coill Award of the Golden Cord
1/20/2024 Atlantia Nottinghill Coill Companion of the Coill's Champions

There are 34 awards.

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Contact Information:
Master Simon Aaron of Windemere

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