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Atlantian Order of the Pelican

Duke Stephen of Beckenham

No Picture Available Order of the Pelican

June 22, 2003 (AS 38)
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Or, on a pale invected sable a crescent Or.

Name registered with the College of Arms in August 1981
Device registered with the College of Arms in August 1983

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
1/2/1988 West Duke
1/3/1987 West Count
5/11/1985 West Viscount
4/30/1983 West Knight
4/28/1990 West Master of the Laurel
6/22/2003 West Master of the Pelican
3/27/1982 West Court Baron (GoA)
3/22/1986 West Grant of Arms
11/7/1981 West Award of Arms
11/14/1987 West Order of the Rose Leaf
Unknown West Order of Valor
3/21/1982 West The Old Battered Helm
10/5/1985 West Commendabilis
3/22/1986 West Commendabilis
6/14/1986 West Commendabilis
1/2/1988 West Queen's Cypher
8/27/1988 West Order of the Silver Mantle
8/22/1992 West Queen's Cypher
5/1/1993 West Queen's Cypher
4/27/1996 West Queen's Cypher
7/5/1997 West Order of Valor
4/25/1998 West Knights Bannerette
6/20/1998 West Commendabilis
10/3/1998 West Commendabilis
1/2/1999 West West Kingdom Paragons of Merriment
8/17/2000 West Defender of the West
8/26/2000 West Queen's Cypher
9/27/2014 Middle Order of the Royal Vanguard
8/10/2017 Middle Royal Augmentation of Arms
1/30/1982 West Cynagua Order of La Courtesia
7/16/1983 West Cynagua Princess' Token
5/6/1995 West Mists Princess' Favor
5/13/2000 West Mists Princess' Favor
11/16/2002 West Mists Princess' Favor

There are 34 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Pelican scroll for viewing.

Contact Information:
Duke Stephen of Beckenham

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