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Atlantian Order of the Pelican

Mistress Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh

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August 25, 2012 (AS 47)
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Name registered with the College of Arms in February 1990

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
8/25/2012 Middle Mistress of the Pelican
12/9/2023 Atlantia Dun Carraig Territorial Baroness
11/18/2006 Middle Order of the Evergreen
10/30/2010 Middle Order of the Dragon's Heart
6/23/2016 Middle Order of the Greenwood Company
11/5/2016 Middle Grant of Arms
6/25/1990 Middle Award of Arms
1/18/1992 Middle Award of the Purple Fret
7/31/2004 Middle Order of the Willow
8/24/2013 Middle Award of the Doe's Grace (Queen's Favor)
8/7/2014 Middle Order of the Dragon's Barb
1/22/2011 Middle Royal Augmentation of Arms
8/10/2017 Middle Royal Augmentation of Arms
9/23/2017 Middle Royal Augmentation of Arms
1/12/2019 Middle Kingdom Augmentation of Arms
12/10/2022 Atlantia Dun Carraig Carraig Deirge Mark of Excellence
12/9/2023 Atlantia Dun Carraig Companion of the Garnet Tower

There are 17 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Pelican scroll for viewing.

Contact Information:
Mistress Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh

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